Plans For Smart Cities Started Back In 2010

The year they planned world demise started with three simple questions in 2010.

  1. How will people travel in the cities of the future?
  2. How will billions of city-dwellers access what they need without putting intolerable strains on the planet?
  3. How can we plan now for more sustainable ways of life in a radically different world?
Erica Schlaikjer. 2010

Luckily for the world, they already had the solution. It started with the destruction of urban areas. They’d force every 2 out of 3 people into digital prisons called freedom cities. To set the plan in motion, all they needed was compliance and six simple steps to tyranny.

  1. Confine people to restricted areas.

Integrate, integrate, integrate. Cities need to consider transport, urban planning, business, public services, energy and food supply as part of the same integrated system. They should offer people choice and easy connections.

  1. Redistribute wealth and implement fascism.

Make the poor a priority. Urban mobility systems must ensure that goods, services and job opportunities are open to all.

  1. Revoke car ownership, except for the rich.

Go beyond the car. Cities need to be designed for people, not cars, and promote alternative forms of transport.

  1. Enforce Digital ID for internet access. Without it, life ceases. No bank or shopping access.

Switch on to IT networks. Information technology can create more efficient vehicles, better integrated transport systems, and can offer online and telepresence solutions which avoid the need for travel altogether.

  1. Restrict natural resources.

Refuel our vehicles. Climate change and rising prices mean we need to focus on energy efficiency and shift the way we power our vehicles from petrol to renewable, low-carbon fuel sources.

  1. Forced compliance, if only people stood up when they had the chance.

Change people’s behavior. Infrastructure and technology are not enough, we need to create new social norms that encourage more sustainable, low-carbon lifestyles.

The last step in their plan. Create a pandemic and man-made disasters. Then push false narratives and propaganda on a global scale. People would beg for safe 15 minute smart cities. A new world order where only the rich owned luxury and controlled the peasants.

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Life In The Future

Humans worked from home, that’s if their families’ carbon score met government standards. Otherwise, their children would grow up and receive jobs not fit for criminals. Food became controlled, with limited choices, because it’s for the people. Too many choices made life difficult and unpleasant. After all, in these smart cities, people preferred artificial intelligence to manage their lives. Thinking had no value in the new world. Every event and thought must lead to fun. This way, the people had more time to do what they’re told, instead of pondering on the atrocities committed against them each day. And the dissidents, well, they had a special place to live outside the wall. They live in freedom ghettos with limited essentials, but were still close enough for government control.  

In these sectioned regions, every move, every conversation under constant surveillance. And no matter what, people had to keep their carbon points in check. If they didn’t, they faced further restrictions upon them and their families.

It became hell on earth. And yet the elite couldn’t have created the utopian nightmare forced on humanity without the help of the companies “we the people” funded.

We chose to buy goods online instead of supporting local business. Rather than growing our own food, we relied on BigAg. Instead of bartering with our neighbors and refusing fiat currency, we caved and used banks. It was because of our laziness these tyrants were allowed to step in and snatch away our freedoms without a single shot fired.  

As we look back, we can thank:

  • Amazon
  • American Express
  • Cargill
  • Dawn Meats
  • Dole
  • General Mills
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
  • Sheepdrove Organic Farm
  • Target
  • The Hershey Company
  • Walmart Foundation
  • World Economic Forum

And there’s many more.  

Because we refused to stand, 2030 comes with the above world they carved for us. But here’s the good news. It’s 2023 and if everyone ceases all compliance, we can turn this around. There are more of us than them. All we have to say is, “No thank you!” If we do, we win, they lose.  

We say no to Digital Id, Digital Currency (CBDC), Smart (freedom) Cities, synthetic foods and everything else they have lined up. We refuse to play their games at all costs.

Stand up and say, “No more!”

Trust me, it’s easy, I did it.  Sure I lost my job for refusing corporate tyranny.  I rejected their jab mandate. But guess what, I can stare in the mirror and understand beyond a doubt God will provide. As long as I stay true to Him, He’ll stay true to me.  

It’s no longer about you or I, left vs right, or another division tactic they throw. It’s about our children and their future.  So I ask you now, will you stand with me to end this tyranny once and for all, or comply your way into an early grave?

The WEF and their global leaders understand strength unifies in numbers.  And once we unite, I promise you we win, and they lose.

So I ask one more time, who’s going to stand with me?


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