Racial Tension

Racial Tension

Freedom is not anarchy
Encompassed under the guise of justice.
Retaliation in the form of chaos and destruction
Glares not of justice, but rather of racial hatred fueled
Upon those who do not welcome the creeds of insurrection.
Surmised by the call of collective unity to bring forth the possibilities
Of change, but it seconds a movement of racial violence dishonoring those fallen.
Naive measures will bear the consequence of separation for this movement of change.

Regardless of race,
Irate endeavors just retaliate;
Oscillating on wards to war;
Tensions high regardless of lies
Spewed from those that manipulate the collective communities.

Stop The Oppressing Policies
That rekindle injustice
On all, regardless of nationality.
Paucity we are not, if we unite in love.

Impartiality is the key,
Not the division that they bring.
Collaboration of our minds,
Irrespective of race
Turns the engine of change;
Exchanging, engaging and elevating one another in love.

Racial Tension by K. Saitta © 2014, A Walk In Verse

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Together we stand, or divided we fall. Join me in this fight against tyranny!


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