Rebellious Child

Rebellious Child

Frantic behavior I cannot deny;
Unrelenting nemesis is my only alibi.
Caring for no one is my only creed;
Kindled self-serving, it’s all about me.

Isolating all that crosses my way;
Negotiate with no one about what I say.
Going to take what ever I dream;
I’m a sadistic psychopath, watch out for me.

Red tainted pain I will pour down on thee
After I destroy the family.
Try to stop me and you will see,
Escalating anger released from me.

Caring for no one is my only creed.
Hell bent anger,
Its all about me.
Lashing out against all in my way;
Destructive deception – I will make you pay.

I’m a sadistic psychopath ready to scream
As I take away your reality.
Murderous bastard is what I will be.

Rebellious Child by K. Saitta
© 2007-2021 Walk In Verse All rights reserved

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