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Jeffery Martin. 2020. “President Trump Says ‘Give Me Therapeutics’ over COVID-19 Vaccine.” Newsweek. July 22, 2020.

“I think we can knock it out before it disappears,” Trump said. “That’s what I want. And if I had my choice between vaccines or therapeutics, give me therapeutics every time because I’d love to walk into a hospital and give everybody something and they start walking out in two days. That’s what I’d like.”

Trump said vaccines were good for the “longer term,” but that he was pleased with the work being done on therapeutic treatments for the virus.

“You tell me, but I almost would prefer the therapeutics even first,” Trump said Wednesday. “You go into the hospital and you make people better. But we’re doing very well with remdesivir and other things. Steroids are turning out to be great, plasma is turning out to be good.”

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