Safeco Fields

Safeco Fields, a free verse poem about Seattles very own - Walk In Verse

Dark, tall, empty,
Filled with majesty:
Silence falls
Upon empty madness;
No gay melodies,
Seats of emptiness,
Everyone has gone.

Barren of happiness,
Locked behind walls,
You’re in anguish
Until next fall.

Soon you await
The next date
For a home run;
A fastball,
A batters swing,
Centerfield — gone!

The fans wild;
Dancing and screaming,
Popcorn and beer
— Oh, serenity
To my ears;
Fun-filled fantasy,
A world series,
The crowd cheers!

I can’t wait
Until next fall
To play ball!

Safeco Fields by K. Saitta
© 2007-2021 Walk In Verse All rights reserved

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