Serfdom, America’s New Reality

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If the plandemic wasn’t bad enough, lunatics such as Jefim Vogel prepared the path to strip all joy from American life.

For starters, none can own a home greater than 700 square feet and energy use slashed by 90%. Travel vanishes from society. Restriction takes on a new meaning under their green initiatives. Three to ten thousand miles per year per person max. But due to their generosity, a person may have one short to medium length flight every three years. How’s that for totalitarianism?

If a person loves a gas powered anything, only 40 gallons of gas or less per year for their enjoyment. Food? Covered, no more than 2,100 calories per day. Need an education, no worry. Only basic level needed. Must keep the population dumb down and away from critical thinking.

Need new clothes? They will bless everyone with no more than nine pounds each year with the ability to wash 20 times per year. Hygiene number one with these tyrants.

For those who love work, get ready for a minimum income with wages stripped and max caps enforced. If you do well and get near the max, a reward of increased taxation without representation, because people don’t pay enough today.

And lastly, out of their kindness, only one laptop per household allowed. But phones have different rules as they carry your digital passport. All 10 years and older may own one.

Remember folks, it started with 15 days to flatten the curve and now we’re heading into full-blown tyranny. Once freedom’s gone, it doesn’t return by peace or protest.

These marxist play for keeps, they will not give you back your freedoms.

The spirit of 1776 is upon us and our founding father did not ask for permission.

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