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Standing upon the ferocious sea 
As waves encompass about my knees, 
I sit and stare at the tragedy 
Of societies belligerent greed. 

People stalk as they drop their lines, 
hooking items not worth a dime; 
What does it matter if they can’t eat 
As long as they snatch that worthless treat. 

And when these concrete seas collide 
Will they see the Western lie? 
For no fish will be left to eat, 
From these barren concrete sheets. 

I pity these peoples with their moral disease 
Who strive each day to fill this creed: 

“I’ll buy want I want,
but not what I need.” 

For they all bought into the American dream 
Of the bastardized Western decayed scene. 

So remember when you buy that toy 
Or a bag of groceries filled with joy, 
That when these concrete seas run dry 
You chose to rely on the American lie. 

Shopping by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

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