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Todays society 
Is Western sobriety 
Of where left is right, 
Let’s enlighten this plight; 

Rape is delight, 
A loved filled device. 

Murder depends 
On the one who bends 
The rules to what is right; 
Abortion is good, 
But death of an animal 
Will bring your doom. 

Either way 
It is just a tool 
To brainwash the fools. 

So then, 
Pick up a pen 
And a book instead; 

What you read. 
Don’t fall into the trap 
That will leave you for dead,  
A place without end. 

Society by K. Saitta © 2015, Walk In Verse

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Trusting faces And sweet embraces: Never a thought of warning. Social connections And deceitful perfections: They take everything one owns.


Paradigm of Iniquity

Tears flood my soul with torment.The unjust live in the harmonization of evil.This world, a place I no longer want

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