The Spider’s Web

The Spiders Web

Two A.M., can’t sleep; if I close my eyes for a second, the spiders will come with their webs. It’s endless torture. I can’t take it; it’s not the spiders, it’s their damn web. The thought of the weave surrounding everything in sight pushes me to the brink of madness as it lures me in. Every night they force me, inch by inch, into their string of death. Their desire? To consume the last drop of blood in my veins.  Nothing can escape the spider’s web, not even the helpless bee.

May God help me; tonight will be their last! My wrath will pour from the heavens as I drive them back into the fires of hell from whence they came. Time for sacrifice arrives. Victory will prevail over this armies web, saving mankind from these torturers torments.

I will not leave!


Into their web, I march with gasoline and torch in hand. My flames will send these demons back into the pits of hell. I will ignite the world around me, and my blaze of glory will bring peace once again upon humanity.

Tonight, my legacy will reign. Mankind will no longer fear the web!

The Spider’s Web by K. Saitta © 2018, A Walk In Verse

The Walk In Verse challenge sent in by Mariam: Experiencing an irrational fear, a phobia, that no one relates to (in my personal experience, it is a spiderweb (not the spider! the web!) phobia

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