Free Verse

The Drug Addict

The drug addict, The sadistic manic: Popping pills, Seeking thrills For the next joint … He kills. And all the …

Free Verse

The Injection

We briefly chant As the moonlight slants Down the veins of our wrists. And as we slump On the porcelain …

Difficulty, a Nonet Poem on Life - Walk In Verse


Trouble initiates in the mind As drugs set you against mankind; It shades the truth with a lie, You can’t …


I’m Done

Torrential rains transcending down upon me From your morbid vengeance of self-centeredness, With your lust of destruction and melancholy state; …

Addiction, a free verse poem - Walk In Verse
Free Verse


When I was in the lowest pits of hell, You came and encompassed me with love, Embracing me ever so …

The Addict, a chained cinquain poem - Walk In Verse
Chained Cinquain

The Addict

She weeps, Chained in anguish, Bound by her master’s trance; He glides into her ceaselessly — Addict; The fire Surges …

Eating Disorders
Free Verse

Eating Disorders

You’re obese and I’m too thin, Self-control is our biggest sin. You see hunger, I see greed, And yet we …


My Body Failed Me

Prescription babies, A drug-addicted mommy — My body failed me — C-section delivery, Traumatized — my baby died.

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