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Jan. 1, 1919, a Patriot named Erminio Chavez, Sr.

On January 1, 1919, a patriot named Erminio Chavez, Sr. demanded the mask propaganda ceases at once. But the press …

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Free Weed With COVID Injection

Get A Free Bag Of Marijuana With Your Covid-19 Vaccine Abstract: Cannabis activists are planning to offer a free bag …

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Fauci Lied on Purpose to Manipulate the Public

NYT: Fauci admits to deceiving the public about herd immunity because he wanted more people to get vaccinated Fauci apparently …

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UPMC Staff, Not Down with Vaccine

University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center Won’t Require Staff To Take COVID-19 Vaccine Due To ‘General Uncertainty’ The reason are several-fold, …

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Health Impact Events from mRNA Vax

Over 3,000 “Health Impact Events” After COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinations On Dec. 19, 2020, at a special meeting of the ACIP,10 …

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World Leaders Pay $8 Billion for COVID

World leaders pledge $8 billion to fight COVID-19 but U.S. steers clear Organisers included the European Union and non-EU countries …

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Alaskan Adverse Reaction to Vax

Fairbanks clinician is third Alaskan with adverse reaction to COVID-19 vaccine A Fairbanks clinician suffered anaphylactic symptoms after being given …


Meet Pfizer And A Few Connections

As we walk into a new year with more mandates, genocide by vaccination becomes a possibility. The hour’s at hand, …

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The Future of Vaccines

If the Gateses and the Faucis and the representatives of the international medical establishment get their way, life will not …

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Asymptomatic Spread of Viral Bugs

Covid-1984 And The Agendas To Come with James Perloff. Is there asymptomatic spread of COVID? Watch and find out.

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Pfizer Speaks on Spread of Those Vaccinated

The chairman of Pfizer said it’s not clear whether people who have taken the company’s coronavirus vaccine will still be …

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Pregnant Women Warned, No Pfizer Vaccine

Pregnant women told not to get Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine because risks unknown “There are no data as yet on the …

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