mRNA Vaccine Reactions

Pfizer and Moderna spread their miracle experiment across the world into unaware subjects. Adverse reactions and deaths soar as big …


Pfizer Will Protect You

Pfizer rolls out their technology cocktail as leaders around the world praise them. They tell us of the miracle cure …

Free Verse

Unknown Odds

Five days from today,  My world goes astray.  I have no idea what’s at play,  When she comes out of …


Life II

Hells gate: A crimson fate. The afterlife: No retake.

Free Verse

Upon a Hill

Upon a hill, young men died As battlefield ballistics clarified, “The afterworld will breathe new life.” For upon that hill, …

Flash Fiction

The Author

Four in the morning, a nightmare unleashes. Frightened, Tom must record the dream. He reaches for the notebook. It’s gone! …

Free Verse

Mommy Why

Mommy, Why am I left alone? No home in the land we strove To fit into a culture made by …


Peace at Last

Here I lie As my bride stands by, In the grave where I died From the poison she cried Day …

Testimony - a free verse poem by Walk In Verse (WIV)


A man arose with a testimony so cold, About soundbites recorded last night, “A man and his friend butchered a …



War’s declaration, The option for your demise On her battlefield. The military complex, Its priority — you die.

Free Verse

The Signorina

The beautiful signorina, Weeping plethora Over her lovers grave. For the night before She loved and adored When her lover …

In the Woods, a Triquatrain poem - Walk In Verse

Unmarked Graves

Twas the dawn of day, as they mustered to brave, The orders were given in hand. Each one in line, …

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