Liberty to Lie

The United States And her American dream, A public smoke screen: With her liberty to lie, It’s bondage until you …


Traitors Speak in disguise; Demoralize with lies — Citizens can no longer cry. Congress


A gun fires, A body explodes, And the victim — Another episode Of don’t let a good crisis go to …

An American Ally

An American ally; A leader of war crimes Liquidating those taken To his prison unshaken; Forty-five hundred shaken, Butchered naked …

Against the Grain

I live in a dejected state As society preaches streamlined hate — Against my kind they can’t debate My views …

21st Century Politics

Morality is not about people’s beliefs; It’s steeped in their political speech. Left vs. right, Black feuds white, It doesn’t …

Modern Day Rome

Running Away

Running away From modern-day Rome My soul is knackered as I roam. Far from the city I do flee,  But …

Ruined by the World

Ruined by the World

A gift from heaven, Protected by her parents — Ruined by the world — Brainwashed, bullied and abused, During her …


Banished From the village The virus replied, “We may kill society, Just hope the Government Can satisfy equal rights.”

The Race Game, a free verse poem - Walk In Verse

The Race Game

With division, they control.With control, they displace liberty.With liberty displaced, they impose tyranny.With tyranny, they incite hostility.With hostility, they create …

Closed Doors, a Cinquain poem by Walk In Verse

Closed Doors

Closed doors:Cold, dark, deadly,Opening at nighttime.Nuclear holocaust blossoms — Mayhem

Racial Tension

Racial Tension

Freedom is not anarchyEncompassed under the guise of justice. Retaliation in the form of chaos and destructionGlares not of justice, …

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