Twitter Block Medical Journal

TREASON: Twitter blacklists European MEDICAL JOURNAL after it published study on ivermectin treatment for Covid-19 Twitter has blocked a link …

Pfizer Will Protect You

Pfizer rolls out their technology cocktail as leaders around the world praise them. They tell us of the miracle cure …

1918 Spanish Flu Killed Millions, or Did It?

The Spanish Flu of 1918. Five hundred million infected, fifty million dead worldwide. Bodies stacked a mile high. One-quarter of …

Cov Death Numbers

For the first time in months the CDC reports a fact [1]. Less than 10,000 people in the United States …

PCR Test, Gold Standard

Introduction In this report, we will dig into the PCR test that they claim is the gold standard and used …

CDC Maskdemic, The Research

When we read over the guidelines from the CDC, studies and reports, we must pay careful attention to the words used …


Pharmaceutical venom ebbs into society Revoking the possibility of sobriety, But little did theses degenerates deem — Society brings it …

My Chemical Warfare

Medical practitioners And the health profession – GUILTY – Showing arrogance! “My chemical warfare!”, He exclaimed, Was of ethics; Cyanide …


Banished From the village The virus replied, “We may kill society, Just hope the Government Can satisfy equal rights.”

Mistake Done On Purpose

Mistake Done On Purpose

Injuries, infections, Medical injections Drive up the rates; Patients die From insurance – Mistakes – Done on purpose.

My Body Failed Me

Prescription babies, A drug-addicted mommy — My body failed me — C-section delivery, Traumatized — my baby died.

Once Bitten

Once bitten The venom Breeds the serum For the economy; It serves to please Pharmaceutical strategies.

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