I've Known Death, a Free Verse Poem by Walk In Verse
Free Verse

I’ve Known Death

I finally know what death feels like, The open sky and the floating light Through the winds as it drifts …

Heartbroken, A Free Verse Poem By Walk In Verse
Free Verse


Half past four A knock on the door, The news came in My heart did spin. Onto the floor My …

Deception, A Free Verse Poem By Walk In Verse


Deception, Corruption, It’s all about consumption Get in my way I’ll destroy your day, Refuse my speech I’ll shred you …

Broken Hearts - a minute poem by Walk In Verse (WIV)

Broken Hearts

It is shattered beyond repair; It is despair; Like death coming, Always running. It takes control over your soul, Nothing …

Free Verse


Time comes and goes as night falls. Memories live and thrive throughout your mind. Departed souls no longer speak, nor …

Walk in Verse

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