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The Naughty List

Dear Santa, I’m creating my list, And I’m telling you that I must insist, That on that day if you …


A Thanksgiving Feast of Terror

Episode #19, “A Thanksgiving Feast of Terror.”  In this episode, we will share a little fiction story based on a …


A New Year

A new year and a new day; Time to pursue today With a new mind That is positive each day. …

Free Verse

The Christmas Presents

I wanted to share what Christmas did bring, A few wonderful gifts that made me sing. The first to share …

Free Verse

Ole Saint Nick

There once was a man named Ole Saint Nick, Who would fly down your chimney ever so swift. He would …

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July, An American Way, All have forgotten About her day. Everyone sees Traditions alive, Yet none recall …



Eggnog and french toast A Christmas day tradition — Betrayal struck home — The teenage son drunk the rum, And …

Free Verse

A Christmas Remedy

Prepare your remedy For your Christmas day dependency Of drinking a quart of booze. Be prudent and true, To drink …

Vintage Christmas is a Cinquain poem by Walk In Verse

Vintage Christmas

Vintage, Wonderful times, Bringing back memories: Christmas presents and Santa Claus — Happy

Thankful for Gifts

Thankful for Gifts

Thanksgiving: A beautiful meal With family and friends. Be thankful for the gifts You have been blessed with.

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