Not a soul in sight — A flash, blinded on my right; Driver unaware!

The Naughty List

Dear Santa, I’m creating my list, And I’m telling you that I must insist, That on that day if you …

Piece of The Pie

Trailing by five, the player can’t jive; He can’t shoot from the free throw line. Then he tries a slice …

Fear Rips Through Me

Fear rips through me — Eyes closed accelerating The opossum lives

The Flower

My love, My precious lotus flower, You surround me. You entrench me with your love As you glide over my …

Deeply Shaded

Taking pictures, Planting love, Daydreaming From above: Sugar water And beer trees — Create — Deeply shaded Sunbeams. Wait … That …

Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread man Wants to start a ban. For on every Christmas day They eat him all away.

Peace at Last

Here I lie As my bride stands by, In the grave where I died From the poison she cried Day …


My buddy Jim Is always sipping gin. And when the light goes out, He grabs the pint of stout!

Nothing Makes Sense

I replayed today’s events a thousand times, and nothing makes sense. Woke up at six fifty-five; got dressed and headed …

Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party

With the courtesan now dressed in her jammies, The man looked on with insanity; Her waist was patched With a …



The end of the game, The batter needs fame — The pitch, the swing, the ball sings; Blazing by, The …

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