Killing Time

The day fades, Just a haze. Yet, The hen swoons For a purpose. But us? Just killing time Nine to …


Ice cream

Ice cream in hand  Goes the young lad,  Careless and carefree.  But God forbid  It’s taken away,  A morbid tragedy:  …


I’m Free

A life lived, Agony — fulfilled. Breath recedes, Freedom seen: Up to the sky, I fly. White light, No night, …


What If

What if life was a dream Where screams Weren’t real, Just made up ordeals? What if you never died, But, …

Free Verse

Unknown Odds

Five days from today,  My world goes astray.  I have no idea what’s at play,  When she comes out of …


Fear Rips Through Me

Fear rips through me — Eyes closed accelerating The opossum lives

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