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45K Dead in 3 Days from the Experimental Injection

‼️ 45,000 DEATHS in US FROM JABS. They have 3 reporting systems. Legal action starting‼️ Confirmed 45,000 people have died …

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Dr. DeShawn Taylor Explains Abortion

In an interview, Dr. DeShawn Taylor explains how she assassinates these innocent children. “In Arizona, if the fetus comes out …

Short Essay

Wars Objective

Wars objective, eliminate the enemy; Young people enter the battlefield under their master’s spell. Life, worthless. The adversary — subhuman. …


Valentine Day Strife

At the trial, the judge read the case: A felony was committed at a workplace. A man was dressed in …


American Genocide

Ep1: American Genocide This episode, “American Genocide,” talks about how specific laws are hypocritical when dealing with murder.  I will …

Flash Fiction

Lot #64

The morning began beautiful, sun shining, cool breeze, and a cup of coffee in hand. Out the door, left turn, …

Testimony - a free verse poem by Walk In Verse (WIV)


A man arose with a testimony so cold, About soundbites recorded last night, “A man and his friend butchered a …

Flash Fiction

The Story of Jack

Desperate to escape the bookie’s wrath, Jack tried every way imaginable to pay off the mounting debt. The interest was …

Flash Fiction

Friday Evening with Sally

Friday evening Sally was home alone dancing to the tune of her favorite Beatle’s album, preparing for the auctions. She …

Innocent Souls, a tanka poem - Walk In Verse

Innocent Souls

The innocent souls Vanish without our knowledge — War mourns for no one — She murders without reason, Leaving a …

Sad Farewell

A Sad Farewell

Slain in a robbery, A mother of two Living in poverty. A sad farewell, As it happened so soon, On …

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