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Perception of Choice

The perception of choice  Is a powerful thing. The businessman sings, The people scream Thinking their choice is free; Their …



Worker; No money — broke. Never can make ends meet. Everything earned, stolen through tax, Drifter.


Two Sides of Nothing

Two sides of a coin, Heads you win and tails I lose. Yet, it’s the same coin you choose. Two …

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Upon a Hill

Upon a hill, young men died As battlefield ballistics clarified, “The afterworld will breathe new life.” For upon that hill, …


Meet Bernie Sanders

This episode, “Meet Bernie Sanders,” talks about the hypocrisy of Mr. Sanders. A U.S. politician who swore to protect the …



Traitors Speak in disguise; Demoralize with lies — Citizens can no longer cry. Congress

Free Verse


A gun fires, A body explodes, And the victim — Another episode Of don’t let a good crisis go to …

Free Verse

It’s Just America

I hate to be the barren of bad news, But your mind is seriously confused; There is no White or …

Sudden Death - Tanka Poem by Walk In Verse (WIV)

Sudden Death

Private enterprise Is the American scene, Yet it’s sudden death; Corporate monopolies Force feed political beasts.

Cigar Smoke

Cigar Smoke

Battles fought and won With the price of young men’s blood — Over cigar smoke Politicians entertain In order to …

Free Verse

Last Call

Last Call – free education for all! “But U.S. students” — He Whispered — “Don’t qualify.” But Why? A lower-income …



They braved the crowd, to speak aloud, With a flitter to their speech – “Cornbread and beer and toasting all …

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