Short Story

A Nation Apart

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King struggled to free us from captivity. With each generation, since they been gone, we …


Target Practice

White Paper Printed black; Sniper pulls back. Targets are attacked, No more color of black. Civil forces complacent, As they …

The Race Game, a free verse poem - Walk In Verse
Free Verse

The Race Game

With division, they control.With control, they displace liberty.With liberty displaced, they impose tyranny.With tyranny, they incite hostility.With hostility, they create …

Racial Tension

Racial Tension

Freedom is not anarchyEncompassed under the guise of justice. Retaliation in the form of chaos and destructionGlares not of justice, …



Deathbed: Racial Tensions: Killing and destroying For political agendas — Servants

Stars and Stripes

New Slave

Stripped away — red face; Terrorized by the pale face: Accosted — new slave. Redemption never given, Singled out due …

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