The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

Dusk Till Dawn

From dusk till dawn Our love lights The night; Satin sheets, Lust filled treats, And tomorrow Ecstasy will repeat.


A Second Glance

A second glance, Another chance, Might this lead to romance? They say love is at first sight, Wouldn’t that be …


Valentine Day Strife

At the trial, the judge read the case: A felony was committed at a workplace. A man was dressed in …

Free Verse

The Flower

My love, My precious lotus flower, You surround me. You entrench me with your love As you glide over my …


Peace at Last

Here I lie As my bride stands by, In the grave where I died From the poison she cried Day …

Human Touch, A Walk In Verse Fan Challenge!

Human Touch

I long for the day to feel ones touchBut do not dare to say that much.For I would rather sleep …

Broken Hearts - a minute poem by Walk In Verse (WIV)

Broken Hearts

It is shattered beyond repair;It is despair;Like death coming,Always running. It takes control over your soul,Nothing to hold,You fall, you …

Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party

With the courtesan now dressed in her jammies, The man looked on with insanity; Her waist was patched With a …


I Love You

Isolated from within your reach, I Long for the day to once again meet; I Offset the emptiness within my …



Nepotism does rise When you reorganize Your fouling little lies; “The cervical canal was breached”… I swear I will preach …


Coming Undone

Coming undone gardening, My wife caught me harboring A flower to her dislike. Now my marriage ends Like all wedding …

Free Verse

The Two Fools

The bastard and the bully Were one of a kind truly; A match … made in heaven. For she would …

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