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Ditch Firefox

Mozilla, Firefox planning to censor conservatives at the browser level Mozilla, Firefox want to control everything you’re allowed to access …

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Do not use BigTech

Do not use BigTech: Google admits experimentally blocking some Australian news sites from searches as row over paying outlets for …

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Twitter Block Medical Journal

TREASON: Twitter blacklists European MEDICAL JOURNAL after it published study on ivermectin treatment for Covid-19 Twitter has blocked a link …

Bulletin Board

MeWe Does Not Compromise

Mark Weinstein of MeWe: “Don’t compromise your values for money” Don’t compromise your values for money. Don’t make a bad …


Facebook and Instagram Are Not Free

December 20th, 2020 Instagram modifies their terms of services which you accepted. If you use their services, you automatically agree. …

The Key, an Etheree poem by Walk In Verse

Lock And Key

Under lock and key Are the secrets of one’s life Not seen by any; Social media reveals Your secrets without …

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