The Bet

The Bet

Beyond the skylight one does sit,
Waiting, as his saliva does drip
Down his chin and onto his tray;
You sit — you feed him this day.

And with the spoon within your grip,
You feed this one, a meal that’s fit:
You shovel the food into his lips —
Whoops, he spits all over his bib!

And now you scream and yell — come on
Because this one is no child at all;
He’s a man that’s playing the fool,
Yet you try, but you can’t keep your cool.

So instead, you grab the gin,
Light a smoke and deeply breathe in
As you take a stand to tell this fool,
“You won the bet, I’m done with you!”

The lesson learned from this childish act
Is not to bet when you don’t have the facts.
For when you do you’ll pay your debt,
But this time around you have regret.

The Bet by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

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