The Color I See

I see a shade that has no end;
It isn’t black, blue, yellow or red.
It comes from a deadly trend
Where all colors blend – it has no end.

It looks like the sun entwined with the moon,
Like ice flowing from the bowels of a tomb;
For when you see it set in full bloom
— It’s choked out like an abortion from the womb.

It looks like a breeze that cannot please,
Like the heat on a destructive summers eve
That leaves you screaming laying at its feet
As if you’re drowning in the darkness of the sea.

For it is a color that is yet to exist,
It continually fades into a black abyss;
It is darkness merged with the whitest of light,
And when seen, it brings the darkness of night.

Can you see the color I see?

The Color I See by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

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