The Progression of Hate

The Progression of Hate

Melancholy mesmerizes American debate,
Illicit idiosyncrasies isolate our mental state,
Revulsion runs rigorously throughout our veins,
Prescriptions of peril to soothe our pains.

Society solicits immigration reform,
Political pandering patronizes our form,
Foreign nationalists strip away our rights,
Corporate corruption capitalizes illegal worker plight.

Citizens’ request catapult to clever discussions,
Administration in charge rules with unrighteous repercussions,
Politicians in power pulverize the politically incorrect,
Forced to accept animosity upon their arrogant request.

Americans forced to educate their replacements,
If they refuse their severance is wasted.
Out of occupation, oscillating with depression,
Homeless with hatred by corporate repression.

Illegals believing their false convoluted perception,
Taking for granted our constitutional inception,
Fallaciously ferocious towards our forefather’s foundations,
Reaping rewards from our American traditions.

This progression of hate destroys without worry,
Capitalist corrupt and Americans in fury,
Government deceit erases our glory,
Americans in awe with abhorrent worry.

We have entered the days of our pre-Revolutionary ways.

The Progression of Hate by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

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