The Teenage Life

The Teenage Life, A Free Verse Poem by Walk In Verse (WIV)

I’m seventeen and I’ll live as I please
Without consideration for authority.
For my life is free with its psychedelic dreams,
Of smoking my pot and doing as I please.

And if I drink, a quart of wine,
Steal a fifth, or smoke one joint at a time,
Who will dare cease me? For remember,
I’m just a teen who can do as I please,
And no one can do shit to me.

So a slap on the wrist and a grin on my face;
A flip of the bird — a waste of my day.
I stroll outside under the heavenly blue sky;
I light up my joint as I lift it to the sky.

For why? Remember what you told me,
“I am just a teen and I won’t do time,
Even if someone drops a dime.”

So please stop bugging me,
It’s time to steal more wine.

The Teenage Life by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

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