The World Judges

As the world gazes into my eyes
She glances for a brief moment in time
At someone she conceives as fine —
Paying no heed to the anguish inside.

She has no regard for the agony within
That’s destroying, killing, tearing limb from limb:
Like a guillotine severing the head of its victim
As it departs into a realm of none existence.

She lacks any sense of common humanity
As she judges with reckless insanity;
Gazing into my eyes of dejection
She looks at a book by its cover,
But hasn’t read a single expression.

She refuses to understand my position,
But rather judges with wrongful suppositions.
I cope with the poison marring my brain;
I live in a time of great disdain.
I seek love or a friend to understand:
Love me,
Cherish me,
Stretch out your hand
To me and see — me,
The one who I am.

For I, I am in need of a friend,
Not ignorant rejection
With a conversation that ends.

Try but for a moment to stand in my shoes
Seeing the paths in which I have stood;
Knowing the thoughts that lead me to death,
Before you judge
Without understanding
— My mind.

The World Judges by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

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