This World

This World

Standing at the gates of hell:
No hope,
No peace,
No serenity.
Emptiness consumes
As the world decays around me.

I sit and stare into the sphere of darkness;
No God,
No light —
Only death singing throughout my mind,
Spinning into a sea of torment,
Capsizing any kindness within my sight.

Darkness surrounds my every step:
The day, no longer seen.
The sun no longer felt upon my face.
Only rains of torment
Cover the path in which I take.

I am held against my will,
Controlled by the forces surrounding me;
They destroy with every breath I take.
I am no longer allowed to be free.

I have become nothing
As my world shatters beneath my feet.
I fall into the darkness of calamity
Surrounded by a million pieces of emptiness.

A world of godlessness
Embeds into my face;
It rips the flesh from me;
It takes my breath replacing it with chaos
— Pain becomes my opening to the world of the insane.

This World by K. Saitta © 2014, A Walk In Verse

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