In the Woods

In the Woods, a Triquatrain poem - Walk In Verse

Twas the dawn of day, as they mustered to brave,
The orders were given in hand.
Each one in line, to engage the time…
While knowing they may lay where they stand.

As the dawn broke through, the orders rang true
— Hell broke out in the dawn lit woods.
There was blood stained trees with bodies in streams,
As death came where they stood.

A few advanced, but many…no chance
As the ambush was unseen.
Dead in their graves, mowed down in waves,
And the rest have yet to be seen.

For in those woods, where the soldiers firmly stood,
Are many unmarked graves.
While their souls still haunt, where the guns did taunt,
Each one who could not be saved.

In the Woods by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

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