Undress Me

My loving
Gentle giant;
Engaged for eight months,
Then we became transformed.
Married to my one true love,
Until the day his veil wore thin;
He would undress me, then abuse me,
Descending upon me in vicious rage
As I kicked and screamed in terrorized fear;
His unlawful act of carnal hate
Overlooked by society;
Hid in the vows of marriage;
The bride not heard or seen
Until it’s too late;
One more victim;
Spousal rape;
The bride

Undress Me by K. Saitta © 2014, A Walk In Verse

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Suicide entwined within my mind, Psychotic dreams awakening. Psychopathic tendencies Controlling everything Within my being. I can’t escape This dead

Yes My Darling

Yes My Darling

Isolated within my mind, are thoughts of a friend, a lover, a beautiful wife. Looking back on days gone by

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