Valentine Day Strife

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash
At the trial, the judge read the case:
A felony was committed at a workplace.
A man was dressed in an appalling black suit
With groovy ammunition and an orange bag of loot.

He ran to the office ready to shoot:
With a gun in hand, in full pursuit,
He aligned the sights right to his eye;
He tripped right over a turkey on a rye.

Now that he's fallen he started to cry
For now he knows that he's gonna die;
Twenty years and the rest of his life
All because his temper was like a knife;

He pulled the gun; he killed his wife
Over their valentines petty little strife;
He forgot to bring her big blue device
That revved her engine, adding that spice.

Give me a Challenge
The following words must be used: appalling, ammunition, felony, groovy

Valentine Day Strife by K. Saitta
© 2007-2021 Walk In Verse All rights reserved

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