W.H.O. Comes Clean, Pandemic Over

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If you have followed for me any length of time, I reported back in July how the PCR test produces fraudulent results. The sole purpose behind the test, to instill fear for the people’s compliance. It began with, “wear your mask,” which we know does not work. Then, “Social distance.” Right, for a virus which does not spread asymptotically [1]. A recent study of ten million individuals found only three hundred cases spread via asymptotic transmission. But, here’s the kicker, none of those individual tested positive for COVID-19. So then, what did they test positive for? We will never know as the PCR Ct values as set produce false positives.

If we would only listen to the expert and turn off the propaganda machines of CNN and Fox, we the people would have learned months ago from experts at the WHO. As stated by “even if asymptotic spread existed, it’s rare.” As stated by Maria Van Kerkhove, “transmission of the coronavirus by people who aren’t showing symptoms is very rare. [2]

Our elected officials, all-inclusive, destroyed our businesses and lives for political gain. The entire pandemic, staged. A lie from the devil himself, Mr. Fauci. The primary goal behind the live exercise, guarantee the peoples fear remains high at all times. [3]

And boy did it ever.

They locked themselves down, let their loved one’s die alone while Fauci and crew mocked and did whatever they saw fit. And now, the new narrative, “get vaccinated to protect grandma.” More propaganda for our demise.

These experimental genome therapy “vaccines”, which will either kill or cause injury, have two purposes. One, perpetual revenue streams for Big Pharma, and two, depopulation in lock step with Gates and the Rockefeller’s. Don’t believe it, look it up. I have two previous reports which walk through their agenda in lock-step detail. If you don’t wish to check those out, browse the current headlines. Stories fill the pages of mRNA death and injury. And supplemented with features of nurses pushing back on injection.

The saddest part, it’s all unnecessary as the World Health Organization knew from day one. They decide to come clean the day Biden steals the WH from the people. Talk about impeccable timing.

But before I touch on that point, we must remember what the CDC stated in December. Their report shows at least ninety-six percents of death attributed to the Chinese virus as mis-classified. The people died from other ailments. [4]

My friends, they played us well. All along the officials knew the PCR test generated 100% false positives [5]. Labs across the nations set Ct thresholds above 30 which blow false positives like mana from a Marxist heaven. Even our father, Fuhrer Fauci, hallowed be his name, stated on mainstream media values over 35 produce worthless results. [6]

And even after hearing these facts, people still wear their face diapers, social distance, and lock themselves away from a virus with a 99.9% survival rate which does not transmit asymptomatically as the media claims.

I close in the nicest way I can. Grow a spine and take off the damn mask. Everyone has a choice, and the government will not give back the freedoms they stole with their manufactured pandemic. You can die on your knees with a case of a vaseline nearby, or stand up and resits tyranny at all costs.

The hour draws near. Make your decision, because what they have planned is nothing short of genocide.


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W.H.O. Comes Clean, Pandemic Over by K. Saitta
© 2007-2022 Walk In Verse All rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “W.H.O. Comes Clean, Pandemic Over”

  1. I have been kicked out of stores and businesses because I don’t wear masks. I knew and was trying all along to tell them that they were going against my civil rights and against my religious beliefs about not wearing masks. I also have medical issues that prohibit me from wearing masks but they don’t listen. It was all for nothing. I. Even more angry now.

    1. Keep standing strong. Their strength comes from our weakness. We cannot cave and must not comply with unconstitutional and illegal orders. They will take until we have nothing left.

  2. Everything in this article is true. A manufactured virus to create fear and fighting among the people while those involved in The One World Order made political and financial gains. These same elitists are hellbent on depopulating the earth by 90 percent through a genome therapy vaccine that will change your DNA forever. The so called vaccine is designed to create tumor and cancer cells within the body and that is just part of it. It can also make it so your body becomes auto immune. All of the ferrets that they tried this cocktail of poison on died within a year. Time to bring back the electric chair and try all of these evil, rotten, grifters with crimes against humanity!

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