The Wedding Present

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

The newlyweds burst into tears when their grandparents offered them an incredible gift; a house with one condition. They had to use the paint the previous owner left for the interior.

Without hesitation, they willingly agreed.

The next morning they raced to their brand-new home. Upon entering, they noticed in the middle of the room a note taped to a bucket. It read, “The rest is in the basement, have fun.”

They removed the lid, laughed, and said, “what a dark, sexy inky red this is.” Let the games begin!

Without a brush, they plunged their hands in, smearing it on the walls, and each other. Oh, what fun they roared! Once the can was empty, into the basement they ran.

And what a horrific scene it was. Red liquid dripped from the ceiling. It covered everything in sight. Alarmed, they turned to the left, observing chainsaws and butcher knives soaked with this liquid substance. The bride leaps back in terror. Glancing to her right — dismembered human remains.

They screamed in horror; “this is human blood, not paint!”

Sitting on death row, they learned their grandparents made a deal with the mob. Twenty years later, the debt was paid.

The Wedding Present by K. Saitta
© 2007-2021 Walk In Verse All rights reserved

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