WEF Agenda Hidden In Plain Sight

WEF Agenda Destroys Your Mind

When it comes to the WEF parasite elite, they always tell you what they’ll do before it’s done. On top of this, they guarantee their satanic cult fingerprints are everywhere; always engaging your subconscious to normalize their evil.

In the video shared, this gentleman goes over some interesting facts. I won’t go into details, as I’ve covered a little of this before. It’s worth the watch. Make sure to comment below.

What I will say is it’s not only Hollywood they control; they have taken over every aspect of your life because good men sit and do nothing.

They control Big Tech.

Don’t agree with their agenda. You’re silenced. Your vocal cords ripped right out of your throat.

They own Big Pharma.

Don’t take their toxic products that alter your DNA, they’ll make sure your employer fires you for non-compliance with their deadly EUA un-tested toxin.

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These bastards control it all: governments, Big Ag, supply chains, tech, pharmaceutical industries, just about everything you can imagine. Anything required by life, owned and controlled by these elite pedophiles.

At the end of the day, not only do they destroy your mind with their filth, but they also negatively impact your body and soul as well.

The worst part, people continue to partake in their platforms, watch their movies, and buy their products. It seems for many, freedom isn’t worth the responsibility needed to keep it. Why? Because too many prefer entertainment and convenience over being free people.

Can we stop this? Yup, you bet. We stop using the services of these vile elite asshats. Look at what happened to Budweiser; now take that on a global scale and buy nothing from these twisted criminals.

We know who’s involved. So let’s not play the fool. It’s BlackRock, Elon Musk, Gates, Jeff Bezos, and the rest. All we must do is simply stop consuming anything they offer.

Today many alternative social platforms exist. The only catch, you and your friends have to use them. I’m tired of the bullshit I hear. “Well, all my friends are on Facebook.” Yeah, and? Tell them to get off Facebook, and put their money where their mouth is. Don’t use platforms that push censorship, climate lies, and the narrative of these traitors.

If you want to make a change, just stop using YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google (all products), Linktr.ee, and get on alternatives. Here are a few to start with.

If you liked the video, follow him, as he’s also being censored like the rest of us on the pedophile networks.

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