Who is Seattle’s Sawant?


After seeing the destruction in Seattle’s Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), I wanted to take a look at the agitator helping to lead the insurrection 1.  She has now broken federal laws, specifically those under Title 18 across many sections. As an elected official of the city council, she has willfully violated her oath.  And according to those laws, she should be removed immediately 2.  


So then, who is Sawant?  She, by her admission, is a diehard socialist 3 born and raised in India.  Like others before her, she used the visa program to enter the United States. Shortly after, she moved to Seattle between 2006-2007 4.  In 2010 5 she became a U.S. citizen by pledging her oath of allegiance to the United States of America.  This oath included her agreement to support and defend the Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies 6

After giving her oath to defend the Constitution she quickly forgets.  She picks up a position teaching economics at Seattle Central Community College and claims she is a socialist with a dog named Che.  Not a good combination if you ask me.  But, hey, she a socialist with an eye Seattle’s local elections.  

Fast Forward

In 2013 the self-proclaimed socialist immigrant wins a seat on Seattle’s city council 4 with the promise for $15 an hour minimum wage, rent control, and tax the rich.

“Of course there is need for running in congressional or senatorial elections and need to contest the presidential election. The question here is not whether a left candidate can win the presidential election but the example that it can set and the huge amount of succor it can provide to working-class movement for social justice and people’s rights, and the tremendous momentum it can create for the left movement,”

People’s rights?  I guess the rights of the people held hostage in her CHAZ autonomous zone doesn’t matter. She continues;

“As for whether I personally can run for the Congress or the Senate in future, that is to be decided by the people and my party Socialist Alternative. But one thing I can say: You need to raise the banner of left politics in a big way to national level.”

The issue with the statement is her party has a major influence on her decision-making policies. For example 7, a meeting held on Sat, Sept. 15, 2018, the Seattle Socialist Alternative members stated it was a mistake for the leadership of the organization to recommend a “yes” vote for the confirmation of Carmen Best as the new Seattle police chief.

And again, another example 8 of her socialist allegiance can be seen in an SCC Insight report, which clearly shows that she has willfully given her power to the organization, Socialist Alternative.

When does an organization outside of the legislative process have any say in what issues a City Council member can vote? 

Radical Start

Not long after she divorced 5 in 2014 she began her terrorist activities to undermine the United States with her involvement in the Occupy Wall Street movement. 9 Here she submerged herself in numerous protests, assemblies, and demonstration 10 to further civil unrest on our nation’s streets.  This afforded her the ability to work with two notorious traitors of the United States, Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar 11.

Then, in 2016, she married Calvin Priest. Another anti-American socialist who also belonged to Sawant’s beloved Socialist Alternative organization 5.

As the 2016 election year ramped up, Black Lives Matter 10  raised its head as it does every four years. And Sawant had a plan.  According to her assistant, Ahn Tran 10, it was to occupy the elections.  This is the same mindset we saw behind the Occupy Wall Street movement. Today, we see it across the nation as these same groups create autonomous zones 12, occupying streets, and trying to force change through extreme violence.

And in 2017, we see Sawant’s pattern once again with her wave of protests and strikes across Seattle’s streets for her famous May Day.  As an elected official she encouraged massive civil disobedience to shut down highways, airports, and other vital targets.  At least then, Mayor Ed Murray spoke against her reckless behavior stating it was “unfortunate and perhaps even tragic for an elected official to encourage people to confront and engage in confrontations with the police department.”

Yet today as death, murder, and rape 13 excel across Seattle streets 14 and highways 15, the behavior Sawant and her army of domestic terrorists is represented by Mayor Jenny Durkan, as a summer of love 16.

But what can we expect from these Seattle socialists who have no respect for human life?  In 2018 an hour after the death of Paul Allen, Sawant turned to her revolutionary ways.  She wrote a statement on her website titled “Remember the Greediest.” 5  And then stated, “Paul Allen was known as a philanthropist. He spent $250 million on the biggest yacht in the world in 2003; he also owned two more yachts and a fleet of private jets, several sports teams. He paid to put the Qwest Field on the ballot so that working people picked up most of the $425M tab. He spent half a million dollars to defeat the I-1098 Tax the Rich statewide initiative in 2010.”

Yet this same Socialist who has a net worth of $490,000 17 as of 2019, a six-figure salary, and a home valued at $800,000 18 with a half-million in equity uses the unions to push her agendas and to help her get elected.  This is what you call a hypocrite.  And these unions, who are they exactly?  


This question came up in an interview 19 which Sawant was not comfortable answering. It started with the agreement that Seattle’s City Light CEO raise of $60k was outrageous. But once pressed on the pay of union officials who back her, it was off-limits.

Remember, you cannot bite the hand that feeds you; only everyone else that not an elite or elected official like Sawant.  What is good for thee is not good for me, the mantra of all officials.

And yet the question remains, who is SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry 20 and AFL-CIO Richard Trumka? 21

Let’s start with Mary Kay Henry. With her net worth of an estimated $6 million, she backs the $15 an hour play which Sawant and Calvin Priest 22, her husband, push as part of their Socialist Alternative organization’s narrative. In 2015, Mary was considered one of the most powerful women in WA state. A woman who believes the Democrat Party 23, the Biden Campaign, and mayors and governors are in touch with their citizens wants what is right for them. Then Mary stresses how people are fed up with the Amazons, Ubers, and Instacarts of the world.  This is not the reason people are outraged. They are outraged because of the corruption of these political figures, and union leaders get away with continually with zero accountability. Yet, these elites always deflect.

It’s also interesting how this aligns with Sawant’s tax Amazon and the rich to death campaign.  We must also remember this union is not a small-time hack organization. It is a two-plus million-member union that is one of the largest in Seattle. They have not been watching the news or are aware of CHOP/CHAZ situation.  And as Seattle and other states burn to the ground, this progressive union is taking a position that appeases mob rule as it aligns with the Black Lives Matter movement 20, aka BLM Inc. A Marxist organization 24 that funnels cash through Act Blue 25 to the Biden Campaign, Bernie Sander and the Democratic Party 26.  Which is another story in itself.

Now let’s take a look at Richard Trumka, who claims to be a social and economic advocate with a history of violent union strikes and scandals 27. Some of his affiliations make one wonder what the real driving force behind these unions is.   During a visit to New York in November 1983, he was honored during a Labor Research Association luncheon, an association that is a front group for the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). In May 1991, he received the David Clendenin Award by the Workers Defense League, which the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) has significant influence over.  In 1995 he and his cohorts instituted “Union Summer.”  Its purpose was to recruit and train young people to organize and become political activists—a tactic straight out of the book, “Rules for Radicals.”

Some materials endorsed by this movement were anti-capitalist, saturated in class-warfare. It instructed recruits to recite a pledge laced with Marxist dogma. Trumka and company believe free-market capitalism is not essential for worker prosperity, but it’s something that needs to be destroyed. Their primary objective is to transform society radically.

Then in September 2010, he made his purpose clear as to why he entered the labor movement. It was “not because I wanted to negotiate wages,” but “because I saw it as a vehicle to do massive social change to include lots of people.”

And today, across the country, this is what we see play out with the help of progressive unions, organizations such as Socialist Alternative 28, DSA 29, and BLM. And not surprising, these connections run deep.

For example, in 2018, Sawant sent a letter 30 to her so-called sisters Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Julia Salazar. She congratulated them as the socialists for the American people.  I am not sure which people she refers to, but it is not the majority; that I can assure you.  She carries on how their job is to overthrow the system and guarantee socialism reigns supreme. These people, by their admissions, are traitors, guilty of high treason.

We are at war, and now is the time to step up and fight for your freedoms. Get involved politically. Organize within your communities. Scream from the hilltops. If we do not, we will lose all our freedoms and our way of life to tyrannical rule forever. And, once again, we will enter into our pre-revolutionary days.


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Who is Seattle’s Sawant? by K. Saitta
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