About Me & My Journey

Welcome to the “Walk In Verse” Journey, a place where I expose tyranny and truth through podcasts, short stories and poetry. Some writings will bring a smile and a bit of happiness, others will weigh heavily on the soul.

How did this all start? It all started back in college and in my early years where I worked as a freelance journalist covering different stories from crime investigations to sporting events. They when married, I stepped away and moved in to the tech sector until an event which changed my life. Back in 2007, my family and I faced a tragic event. My eyes opened for the first time, and from that point forward, the world no longer looked the same. We lived through the full effects of social injustice, and the scales were unbalanced. One day I will write a book to share what transpired. The time was dark, and writing was the means to keep my sanity. Today I write about issues that reflect the past and present and events of our modern-day.

I will continue to investigate issues to help others, to share what I learned, to help others heal from the injustices each of us faces daily. If I can touch one person with the words I share, then it’s a journey worth traveling no matter what the critics say.

So please join me in my journey and let my words be your eyes to the events and trials that swirl around us. 

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