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A Podcast for Uncovering Corruption

At WIV Reports — UnCensored, I pull no punches.  I’ll share with you what the corporate media or others wont.  All I ask , have an open mind and consider what’s said. Then once you do, double check everything I say and test it for yourself. 

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No Digital Identity, No Access to Life

S4E3. No Digital Identity, No Access to The Internet or Your Life Welcome to the Mark of The Beast System of Digital Identities. Key Points So sit back and enjoy another episode of Walk in verse reports.

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EposidesSeason 4

WEF & Their 2023 Global Risks Report Unwrapped

In this report we’re gonna cover the WEF’s Global Risk Report of 2023. They’ve ranked each risk by severity. It includes everything people need to survive.

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EposidesSeason 4

Government Doesn’t Need to Ban Natural Gas, They’ll Tax Into Compliance

In this report, we’re going to hear Ron DeSantis state, “he will never allow Florida to give up their gas stoves.” But what he doesn’t say is what’s concerning.

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EposidesSeason 3

Death A Constitutional Right In Canada, Thank You MAiD

In this report, we look at the lunacy surrounding Canada’s politics in regards to human life.  Under the regime up North, death is the only option of you’re poor,  have a mental illness or suffering.  The world is worse than the days of Noah.

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EposidesSeason 3

Merry Christmas, It’s Time To Stand

In this report, we look at how many claim they’ll stand against reality, but choose the path of complacency. We can only sit idle long enough until we have nothing left. Those in control will not stop until they put us in our graves.

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Meet Your Host

As a person who had enough from all the nonsense in the world, I decided to get back to my journalist roots. 

With each episode I dive into the details and cite government, medical & source documents to share with you what the media refuses.  An unbiased truth.