A Decade of Living

For the past decade, I’ve been locked away, Forgetting how to live each and every day.  And yet I believed I was living my life, But rather I lived in a virtuous

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A gun fires, A body explodes, And the victim — Another episode Of don’t let a good crisis

What Have I Done

What have I done As I watched the years fly by:  Sitting, Waiting, Contemplating On

Lot #64

The morning began beautiful, sun shining, cool breeze, and a cup of coffee in

Flash Fiction


The Drug Addict

The drug addict, The sadistic manic: Popping pills, Seeking thrills For the


Sunshine; Exquisite joy; Birds swing and the bees sing, Smiles flowing with

Crumbled with Age

Grown ups: Crumbled with age, Disrespected by youth. Then the unexpected happens

A Ballet

A ballet of two Embracing purple hues; As yellow with green, Make

Uneasy Dreams

No sleep, Uneasy dreams Stealing my sanity; One step towards the mental

Peace at Last

Here I lieAs my bride stands by,In the grave where I diedFrom

The Face of Disgrace

Different countries,You’d think different folks.Yet at the end of the dayThey roll

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Haiku Poems

The Dancing Bee

A bed of roses The bee dances upon her Giving life to …

Victorian Blue

victorian blue – embraces the suns brilliance upon a spring …

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