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WIV Reports — Uncensored

I’m an independent journalist sharing stories you won’t hear on the mainstream. Topics covered include politics, culture & religion. All I ask is you have an open mind & be prepared to learn what they’ve hidden to keep us all enslaved.

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To help support independent journalism where I break down what I find in simple to understand terms. I also share hard to find documents hidden down deep in the search engines. These can be used for your own personal research to expand upon or share with individuals to help them become aware of what’s happening around the world.


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I have just become aware of this newsletter & podcast site. Please check it out; there are some VERY worthy reads there. At this late stage in the global conspiracy against our joint human rights and future, it's critically important that keen independent journalists, podcasters, and essayists "stick together" to get the truth out to as many folks as possible.

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About WIV Reports

I started many years ago as a journalist working for small newspapers. Over time, I drifted away and followed other interest to support my family. Then, after a tragic event, I turned back to journalism, but this time as an independent journalist. It gives me the freedom to expose the lies covered up by religious leaders, politicians, and a once so-called free press.

Today I write the newsletter full time to support my family. I’ve lost two jobs as I refused to cave into the vaccine mandates. Mandates, which are not laws, I have covered to expose the corruption from the top down. Since then, I have been removed from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for exposing facts which I cited from sources such as the CDC, FDA, NIH, Big Pharma and other governmental agencies. Now that Elon took control of Twitter, I got my account back with an apology. Like that really matters after I lost so many followers. For now, I write here on substack. If you enjoy what I share, please support me and my writing. Without you, this newsletter would not be possible.