Big Pharma

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Johnson & Johnson Needs You to Trust Them

The coronavirus has existed long before 2020. For over sixty years, in the US alone, their strains encompassed us and …

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US Gov Funds Your Demise

Merck gave the illusion they would take the higher ground and not produce a COVID vaccine, as the natural immune …

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Pfizer Fact Sheet Reminder

Adverse Reaction Include Death Did anyone tell the participants what they consider serious adverse reactions before injections of their unapproved …

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What Would Jesus do? Not comply.

As the world governments lie to the public through the media, we must protect those who cannot protect themselves. Now …

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Big Pharma Military Connections and mRNA Spike Protein

Pfizer’s Military Connections, and Moderna’s Too–mRNA Vaccines Come from DARPA and Seem to Be Operating as Neuro-Bioweapons, as per Dr. …


J&J Uses Strain Which Acts and Resembles the China Virus

Johnson & Johnson will use the Adenovirus (Mary L. Gavin, MD 2018) strain to prime the public for their experimental …

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Johnson & Johnson New EUA Vaccine

Hallie Levine. 2021. “COVID-19 Update: Your Latest Questions About Johnson & Johnson’s Investigational Vaccine Candidate Answered.” Translated by 1959256290. Content …

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Nurses Send Waring

Nurses across the country are refusing to take the COVID Vaccine as Big Pharma’s propaganda machine pushes it on the …



Pharmaceutical venom ebbs into society Revoking the possibility of sobriety, But little did theses degenerates deem — Society brings it …

Warning Signs, A Tanka Poem by Walk In Verse (WIV)

Warning Signs

A law passes by Under a medical guise      — These are warning signs  Now when you speak with free …


My Chemical Warfare

Medical practitioners And the health profession – GUILTY – Showing arrogance! “My chemical warfare!”, He exclaimed, Was of ethics; Cyanide …



Banished From the village The virus replied, “We may kill society, Just hope the Government Can satisfy equal rights.”

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