Destruction by Ignorance, CDC Comes Clean

In this episode, we will look at a report by the CDC on the effects of Pfizer & Moderna experimental vaccines. As of December 19, 2020, 2.8% of those injected suffered from severe adverse reaction. But what does that mean?  Listen and learn about health impact events and a patent for the new strain of the virus.

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PCR Test, the Gold Standard

Episode, “PCR Test, the Gold Standard.” In this report, we will dig into the PCR test that they claim is the gold standard and used to drive policy in the US and world.

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CDC Maskdemic, The Research

Episode, “CDC Maskdemic, The Research.”  When we read over the guidelines from the CDC, studies, and reports, we must pay careful attention to the words used as they change the meaning dramatically. In this episode, I will cover CDC pages and cited articles used to drive policy across our nation and the world.

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