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Back to the Factories

When a government Needs to change the scene Breaking away From a countries creed, Here is a little trick From …

Free Verse

1919, Workers Unite

If they wish to strike, They will face their plight: Workers fired Until starvation admired;  Ration cards ceased Until everyone pleads, “The regime’s way is …

Free Verse

One in the Same

1920 and 2015, Methods were used To cause the extreme.  Violence and terror Reigning the streets free, But not from the people Living among the …



The “Great Leap Forward,” A famine in disguise; The “Nuremberg Trials”, Bodies lined the skies. A mother and her child, …


Western Land

Communism does move Through the umbilical cord — A phenomenon —  The soviet womb expands Giving birth in Western land.

Free Verse

Man-Made Famines

Famines, An act of G-d, or man-made lies? Peer back in time:  1918 came to mind when we realized  That famines were recipes …

Free Verse

The Face of Disgrace

Different countries,You’d think different folks.Yet at the end of the dayThey roll on the same spokes. European powers embraced the …

Free Verse

An American Ally

An American ally;A leader of war crimesLiquidating those takenTo his prison unshaken; Forty-five hundred shaken,Butchered nakedFor the visionsHe manipulated. Stalin, …

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