cul·​ture noun: culture
the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group; the social behavior and norms found in human societies.

Killing Time

The day fades, Just a haze. Yet, The hen swoons For a purpose. But us? Just killing time Nine to …


Ice cream

Ice cream in hand  Goes the young lad,  Careless and carefree.  But God forbid  It’s taken away,  A morbid tragedy:  …

Free Verse

It’s a Mess

Body lines,  Different designs: Cross-dress, It’s all a damn mess. Right is left, Left is right, The future  Is not …


A Woman Seen

A woman seen, Not a queen, Just an object obscene: Do as you please, Send her to her knees — …



Beauty: Only skin deep. Use and regard them not; Disgusting individual. Shallow.


American Genocide

Ep1: American Genocide This episode, “American Genocide,” talks about how specific laws are hypocritical when dealing with murder.  I will …

Short Story

A Nation Apart

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King struggled to free us from captivity. With each generation, since they been gone, we …

Free Verse


Todays society Is Western sobriety Of where left is right, Let’s enlighten this plight; Rape is delight, A loved filled …

Free Verse


Standing upon the ferocious sea As waves encompass about my knees, I sit and stare at the tragedy Of societies …


Crumbled with Age

Grown ups: Crumbled with age, Disrespected by youth. Then the unexpected happens — Revenge!

Free Verse

It’s Just America

I hate to be the barren of bad news, But your mind is seriously confused; There is no White or …

Free Verse

Against the Grain

I live in a dejected state As society preaches streamlined hate — Against my kind they can’t debate My views …

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