TBHQ, FDA Approved and In Your Food

Report 47, “TBHQ, FDA Approved and In Your Food.” In this report, we dig into the chemical TBHQ and what affects it has on the human body. The FDA approved its use for human consumption and other products.

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Johnson & Johnson: FDA Approved

Adverse reactions and death tolls rise as experimental injections span the globe, while governments protect Big Pharma from all liability. In this report, we’ll peek into Johnson & Johnson’s background and their product track record.

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Meet Pfizer And A Few Connections

Albert Bourla started his career over twenty-five years ago at Pfizer and climbed through the ranks to CEO. With his in-depth knowledge and recent remarks, we must question his motives. Through emergency authorization, the FDA gave the green light to inject and distribute throughout the United States—an experimental elixir which skipped standard animal test and jumped to human vaccination.

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