Free Verse

Class Warfare

Class warfare;A political prizeSeated in constitutional disguise. Why? The socialist alibi; Eradication of your private life By any means — …

Free Verse

One in the Same

1920 and 2015, Methods were used To cause the extreme.  Violence and terror Reigning the streets free, But not from the people Living among the …



The “Great Leap Forward,”A famine in disguise;The “Nuremberg Trials”,Bodies lined the skies. A mother and her child,A bullet through the …


Western Land

Communism does move Through the umbilical cord  — A phenomenon — The soviet womb expands Giving birth in Western land.  Western Land by …

Free Verse

Man-Made Famines

Famines, An act of G-d, or man-made lies? Peer back in time:  1918 came to mind when we realized  That famines were recipes …


Liberty to Lie

The United States And her American dream,  A public smoke screen:  With her liberty to lie,  It’s bondage until you die.  …



TraitorsSpeak in disguise;Demoralize with lies —Citizens can no longer cry. Congress Traitors by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In …

Free Verse


A gun fires, A body explodes, And the victim — Another episode Of don’t let a good crisis go to waste.  This is the …

Free Verse

An American Ally

An American ally; A leader of war crimes Liquidating those taken To his prison unshaken; Forty-five hundred shaken, Butchered naked …

Free Verse

Against the Grain

I live in a dejected state As society preaches streamlined hate — Against my kind they can’t debate My views …

Free Verse

21st Century Politics

Morality is not about people’s beliefs;It’s steeped in their political speech. Left vs. right,Black feuds white,It doesn’t matter in the …

Warning Signs, A Tanka Poem by Walk In Verse (WIV)

Warning Signs

A law passes by Under a medical guise — These are warning signs Now when you speak with free speech, …

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