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DARPA Tech for mRNA Deployment

Franz Walker. 2020. “DARPA Funded Implantable Biochip Can Potentially Be Used to Deploy Moderna’s MRNA Vaccine.” Nanotechnology News. October 12, …


Meet Moderna

Report #42, “Meet Moderna: Taxpayer Funded, DARPA Approved.” In this report we will look at the origin of Moderna and …


DARPA Funds to Implant Humans

DARPA and other government agencies such as BARDA and NIH move to modify human DNA through vaccines. As early as …

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A Reminder That Still Holds True About Cov Injections

N/A. 2020. “WHO Doesn’t Have Evidence Vaccines Prevent People Transmitting Virus to Others.” Sky News Australia. December 29, 2020. …

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MRNA and Nanoparticles

Phua, Kyle K.L., Smita K. Nair, and Kam W. Leong. 2014. “Messenger RNA (MRNA) Nanoparticle Tumour Vaccination.” Nanoscale 6 (14): …

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Before You Inject, Know The Facts

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Biden Brings in the Mark of the Beast to the U.S.

Ethan Huff. 2021. “Biden Wants to Make America a ‘Digital Dictatorship.’” Investment Watch (blog). May 13, 2021. The Biden …

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COVID Vaccine Need to Know

Colleen Huber, NMD. 2021. “COVID VACCINE Considerations.” Primarydoctor. February 21, 2021. AbstractDr. Huber’s article on TN, Masks Are Neither …

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Big Pharma Military Connections and mRNA Spike Protein

Pfizer’s Military Connections, and Moderna’s Too–mRNA Vaccines Come from DARPA and Seem to Be Operating as Neuro-Bioweapons, as per Dr. …

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Gates Foundation And Moderna mRNA

Foundations Advancing mRNA Technology and Science Type: Web Page URL: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — Advancing an mRNA-based …


The Experiment Continued

Report #39, “The Experiment Continued: Human Lab Rats.” In this report, we will continue to dig into the connection between …


Big Pharma Experiment

Report #38, “Big Pharma Experiment: mRNA Injection.” In this report, we will dig into the connection between Big Pharma and …

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