PCR Test

W.H.O. Comes Clean, Pandemic Over

If you have followed for me any length of time, I reported back in July how the PCR test produces fraudulent results. The sole purpose behind the test, to instill fear for the people’s compliance. It began with, “wear your mask,” which we know does not work. Then, “Social distance.” Right, for a virus which does not spread asymptotically.

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Fauci Comes Clean on PCR Test, It’s All False Positives

Fauci comes clean on the PCR test. When cycle thresholds rise over 35, false positives sustain to guarantee fear remains high. Cases explode; why? An insurance policy for compliance with illegal mandates and unconstitutional orders. Any value above 35 reflects false results.

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PCR Test, the Gold Standard

Episode, “PCR Test, the Gold Standard.” In this report, we will dig into the PCR test that they claim is the gold standard and used to drive policy in the US and world.

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