West Coast Strike Again in Colstrip Montana

In this report, “West Coast Corps Strike Again in Colstrip Montana,” we’ll look at the corruption and greed of big corporate America and the impact they have on rural American families. Lawsuits spun, cases won, but the damage — undone. Their lives will never be the same as these corporations continue to thrive.

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Who is Seattle’s Sawant?

In episode, “Who is Seattle’s Sawant?,” I will dig a little into this political figure, and how they are involved in the protest and riots in and around CHOP, Seattle Autonomous zone.   

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Don’t Panic

In this episode, “Coronavirus (Covid-19) Don’t Panic,” we discuss pandemics with numbers to contrast and compare between H1N1 and now. It doesn’t minimize what the world is going through, but it shows how the media is purposely driving fear and panic to unprecedented levels. They should be held accountable and pay for the lives they’re destroying.

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