Ep013: Who is Seattle’s Sawant?

Introduction In episode #13, “Who is Seattle’s Sawant?,” I will dig a little into this political figure, and how they are involved in the protest and riots in and around CHOP, Seattle Autonomous zone.    Consider Joining Subscribe to my Free Newsletter and keep current with my new work as

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Ep007. Covid-19 Hotspot, Interview from New York

In this episode #7, “COVID-19 Hotspot, Interview from New York,” I will discuss with an individual who lives there the current situation. My guest will explain what is happening at hospitals, the state level, and the overall feeling of New Yorkers as the pandemic rips through their streets. Sources Cohen,

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Ep006. Follow the Timeline (States and Military, Step by Step)

In this episode #6, “Follow the Timeline,” I will discuss events around this coronavirus epidemic as they unfolded. We will compare and contrast the actions of states and the military during this timeline within the United States. Sources “Maxwell-Gunter Moves to HPCON Charlie in Response to COVID-19.” Maxwell Air Force

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