Unity of Thee

All worshiping God through man Is no different than an idol in hand. Each is idolatry; They have no need …

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Worship of Men

The rich are said not to pray, But in reality, they worship their own way: To the gold in which …

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Western Gold

Many claim to care for G-d, But when they add an L, They drop their lives. For all that matters, …


First Amendment: Freedom of Religion & Tyrants

Introduction In episode #11, “First Amendment: Freedom of Religion & Tyrants,” I will discuss what the first amendment is and …

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Mommy Why

Mommy, Why am I left alone? No home in the land we strove To fit into a culture made by …

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Miss the Mark

To miss the mark is not a sin, Yet that is what the West plays in; No forgiveness is their …

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Paul’s Religion

Paul created the Christian religion, Jesus spoke on Jewish tradition. Paul preached for men to divide, Jesus taught a lesson …

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The Jesus Conception

A false sense of security Is tied to the absurdity That we may do Whatever we please: For many believe …

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The Cross, Not a T

The Chi and the Rho Are the letters One should know. For the Tau – the T, It is not …

Chained Cinquain

Western Religion

Jesus; Jewish Rabbi; Taught Oral Tradition, Not the precepts of Christian law. Saint Paul; Taught paganism By blending Judaism — …


Vanished Dreams

The precepts of hell And western theology – They are vanished dreams – Twisted by modern prophets, Their knowledge is …


Peace, an Illusion

Bloodshed in the East, Conflicts continually. Peace, an illusion: Two thousand years of fighting, And continual dying.

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