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Detox From Spike Protein

Yet the U.S. Gov & Agencies Lied, And Broke Federal Law As Alternatives Existed. Key Notes From Video “Suramin has been used to treat African sleeping sickness and that has

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Government Shutdowns, Our New Normal

Governments understand the resistance to vaccination mandates, so they turn to a different strategy. Teaming up with Big Tech, corporations, and financial institutions, they utilize digital padlocks to control our

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US Will Dominate Flu Vaccine Market by 2028

These lockdowns and forced medical tyranny will never end unless people say no more. BigPharma controls the world, and they will never let go of their revenue streams, “WE THE…...

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Pfizer Hid Adverse Reactions

Pfizer Adverse Reactions The FDA documents secured via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exposed a truth which Governments, politicians, health officials, and Pfizer buried from the public. In their

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Fired for Freedom, Hold The Line

Freedom Isn’t Free I’ve toiled over the current situation across our nation these last few weeks and how to deal with the illegal orders passed down. On 1/4/22, they’ll fire

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Johnson & Johnson: FDA Approved

Adverse reactions and death tolls rise as experimental injections span the globe, while governments protect Big Pharma from all liability. In this report, we’ll peek into Johnson & Johnson’s background

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